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Webinars Online Seminar Presentation Web Conferences, Business Projects and Lectures which Transmitted on Web to Reach Audience World Wide to Join Webinar.

video conferencing software equipment
video conferencing software equipment
Webinars, Live Event Webcasting, Broadcast your New Launches, Conferences, Seminars and Events everything Live on the Web and Mobile Devices with Live Webcasting.

Xactsoft Live Video Conferencing solution for Business is the best and Smartest Choice.
The best communication platform for businesses. With the growing technologies in the virtual communication platform of video conferencing platform especially audio and video two way conferencing many business organizations find the solution with video conferencing a reliable and user friendly that helps to achieve good productivity in mass communications.

Video conferencing system is the best way in connecting people world wide who are in different countries. Our specialists and developers at Xactsoft have taken time to time necessary developments to improve the quality and and feasibility in managing and Understanding the market needs the video conferencing platform providing you with the best suitable high quality video conferencing platform which is extremely customizable with any other video conferencing service provider in the industry. With a range of solutions to choose video conferencing solutions and fit into lowest budget.

Software Video Conferencing – Xactsoft Advantage

Easy to use and Manage – Xactsoft has simplified video conferencing and made it user friendly to use, even for users who are new to this platform can easily manage face to face video meetings at real time. Organizations who do not have a large IT management team can also, manage and setup their video conferencing meetings.

Xactsoft software video conferencing codec has a video mixer inbuilt, which takes multiple camera input and sends a single output video to the receiving location. Also, it has an optional one TB hard disk storage with it, to record the video conference on the device that you want.

Low Bandwidth Usage – All our Software Based Video Conferencing solutions work well on less bandwidth. Users can connect to live video meeting with even as less as 100 kbps speed on their data card, mobile, desktop, laptop, huddle room or even large conference meeting room based set up.

You can experience the continuous telepresence up to 64 videos with our Software Based Video conferencing as opposed to just 16 videos by other companies.

There are also many special features that can be experienced with our software based MCUs.

Fully loaded Collaborative Features:
  • Integrated Digital White Board
  • Screen and Document sharing,
  • Voting among the conferencing attendees
  • Video Rotation, by which you can refresh the video of a particular location and display alternative video from other locations.
  • Using our ‘UTP’ Software Architecture, you can connect multiple H.323 based hardware video conferencing devices also into the same meeting. If you want to connect a single H.323 device along with other software based standard devices or locations you can use our ‘UTP Plus’ Software Architecture.

On the whole, Xactsoft Software Based Video Conferencing gives a variety of features which can be utilized even at a low bandwidth scenario. It can be easily installed in your conference rooms, or class rooms or auditorium with stunning costs.

Live Event Webcasting

Xactsoft is here to assist you with its plethora of IT solutions that can be customized to your requirements. We, at Xactsoft believe in prompt delivery and synergistic efficiency that makes our client come back for more. As our motto suggests Xactsoft is a place “Where Vision and Reality Meet”. Once you avail our services, our team of knowledgeable professionals, are always available for constant support and guidance
Live Event Webcasting
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      Our main aim is to provide quality and real value services to our clients, keeping in mind their exact requirements and needs that would enhance their businesses in a positive way, leading to progress and improvement.


      If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!

        Our main aim is to provide quality and real value services to our clients, keeping in mind their exact requirements and needs

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